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The company NU Gears takes pleasure in being not only a top engineering firm but also a top fabrication firm in the West Midlands. We provide businesses in a variety of sectors distinctive and custom welding and fabrication solutions.

Welding Services West Midlands

Our highly qualified fabricators and welders in the West Midlands have a wealth of expertise from years of working in the fabrication & welding sector. This experience provides us the advantage and offers you the assurance that we can accurately complete any kind of custom welding or fabrication operation according to your specifications.

Different weld methods include:

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Welding services West Midlands include:



Stainless Steel


Cast Iron




Gas metal arc welding West Midlands

A constant wire electrode as well as a shielding gas are fed via a welding gun when utilising MIG welding, which is a procedure that may be done automatically or semi-automatically. Due to the fact that spools of wire are typically used as the electrode material, this procedure is sometimes referred to as "wire welding."

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding West Midlands

Gas A non-consumable tungsten electrode is used in the tungsten arc welding technique to produce a weld. Shielding gas, which is mostly argon or helium, has been applied to this weld to protect it from oxidation and other air contaminants. Heliarc welding is the most common term used when helium is utilised.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding West Midlands

In fact, the manual arc welding technique known as shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) uses a flux-coated consumable electrode to produce a weld. For this procedure, the workpiece and electrode fuse together, creating a pool of molten metal that cools to create a link. When the weld is finished, the flux coating disintegrates, generating gases that serve as shields and covering the weld with slag.

Flux Cored Arc Welding West Midlands

In the process of flux cored arc welding, a continuous metal electrode is welded to a base material using an electric arc. The welding gun's centre is automatically loaded with metal wire electrodes using the same machinery that is employed in MIG operations. The shielding gas keeps the weld from oxidising after the welding procedure.

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Old Cylinders can be repaired by us so they can continue to function for a long time.

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