Refurbished & Reconditioned Industrial Gearbox Repairs

At NU Gears Birmingham, we provide a reliable refurbished and reconditioned industrial gearbox repairs service. We understand a number of issues can occur with refurbished industrial gearboxes, so our refurbished gearbox department provides a complete, fast, reliable service that is performed all in-house.

As a leading local engineering company, our goal is to repair and recondition refurbished gearboxes to a high standard and reduce your business downtime to a minimum. Therefore, we ensure our refurbished industrial gearbox repairs are carried out fast, efficiently, and that they are returned to our customers as soon as possible.

Industries for our Gearbox Refurbs & Repairs:-

Automotive, Food, Packing, Plastics, Dairy, Mining, Quarrying and More.









Reconditioned Industrial Gearbox Repairs

At Nu Gears we take pride in our high degree of care and quality, as well as our high-speed turnaround. Our refurbished and reconditioned industrial gearbox repairs are not only carried out to the highest precision engineering standards, they are also quality-checked, allowing us to stand out from the crowd compared to other local engineering companies.

industrial gearbox repairs and machining in birmingham

Industrial Gearbox Repairs

The start of the industrial gearbox repairs process begins with one of our specialist technicians disassembling the gearbox in question. Each gearbox repairs' component is stripped for cleaning, grading and inspection. Each part of the gear during the gearbox repair is meticulously inspected and will be discarded and replaced where it is required. Our precision engineers will fit the gearbox with new bearings, seals and gaskets, and replace with brand new components and then reassemble the industrial gearbox unit.

We strive every day to provide our customers with the highest level of service from our main precision engineering and fabrication facility in Birmingham.

industrial gearbox repairs and gear cutting finished example

Industrial Gearbox Refurbishments

We specialise in industrial gearbox units that have become obsolete or unobtainable, and use our knowledge of gear cutting and machining to perform reliable industrial gearbox reconditioning and repairs.

Our expertise and high skillset allows us to bring units back to their original condition as refurbished industrial gearboxes. Although they are refurbished gearboxes, our quality control and high standard make them as good as new!

obsolete refurbished industrial gearbox, Birmingham

We specialise in repairs of all Industrial Gearboxes & Units

Allspeed, Alphadrive, Battenfeld, Bauer, Benzler, Bonfiglioli, Boston, Brevini, Camco, Carter, Cincinatti, Conedrive, David Brown, Electropower, Fenner, Flender Henschel, Heynau, Higearm Holroydm Lenze, Leroy Somer, Morse, Motovario, Nord, Otto Mills, Opperman, PIV, Rossi, Renold, SEW Eurodrive, Siti, STM, Stober, Sumitomo, Tandler, Thyssen, Vogel, Others

Experts in variable speed units and large extrusion units.

Industrial Gearbox Repairs Include:-

Worm & Worm Wheel, Helical, Bevel, Spur and Sprocket

Worm & Worm Wheel



Spur and Sprocket

We repair nearly all industrial gearboxes and drive units.

Do not hesitate to contact our efficient team of specialists who, through their experience, have achieved a wealth of knowledge on all refurbished industrial gearboxes and gearbox repairs. As a result, they are able to provide an all-inclusive, bespoke, and reliable service, meeting all customer's needs and specific requirements.

industrial gearbox repairs and machining in birmingham
industrial gearbox repairs and machining example in birmingham

Variable Speed Unit Repairs Including:-





Hydrostatic, Ball, Chain and Planetary.

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in reconditioned industrial gearbox repairs, or have a question about any of the precision engineering services our expert and specialist team of engineers provide here at NU Gears, please complete the contact form below or call us now on 0121 328 0660 or 07973335116

Precision Engineering Services:

Machine Services Birmingham


Our machining engineering department is geared up for all your emergency repairs to worn, broken and damaged parts.

industrial gearbox repairs and gear cutting finished example

Industrial Gearbox Repairs

Our industrial gearbox refurbishment and reconditioning team provide a fast, reliable service to minimise downtime                                                                 

gearcutting engineering drawing

Gear Cutting

We are proud to be one of the best names in the gear cutting industry, working on every type of gear available, including specialist gears.

hydraulic cylinder repairs finished example. Precision engineering

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

We provide a full reconditioning service to the highest industry standards, repairing all types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

welding and fabrication services example

Welding & Fabrication

We provide a full welding and fabrication service including a full design and fitting service. We can also work with samples and can replicate parts.

plastic extrusion units for repairs and services in Birmingham

Plastic Extrusion Units

We can service and maintain equipment providing a full breakdown and repair service for a wide range of plastic extruder units.